Imbolc Festival 2019 – “Milking of the Goat” Festival

Imbolc Festival 2019 or ‘Milking of the Goat’ Festival is organised by the Slieve Bloom Association. Now in its 7th year, this years Festival will take place on Sunday 3rd February. The meeting point is Cadamstown Car Park, County Offaly at 1:30 pm and leaving at 2pm sharp for the Bracket Stones on Spink Hill.

Imbolc Festival 2019

Imbolc Festival marks the beginning of Spring. It is one of the four Celtic seasonal festivals. The others are Bealtane, Lughnasadh and Samhain. The Imbolc Festival was revived by the Slieve Bloom Association in 2013. There are many customs associated with Imbolc festival. The custom associated with the Slieve Bloom Mountains is the milking of the goat.

Slieve Bloom Association Imbolc Festival 2015

Some of the crowd that attended Slieve Bloom Association’s Imbolc Festival 2015 – photo, Kathleen Culliton

On the 3rd of February at the Bracket Stones you will hear old stories about the area and the traditions of the Celtic Festival of Imbolc. At this family friendly event you will have the opportunity to watch or take part in the ancient Imbolc Festival of the milking of the goat on Spink Hill and maybe churn the milk. Afterwards, the new Imbolc Goat will be crowned, adorned with ribbons and garlands. The saying, “Put silk on a goat and it is still a goat” does not apply here because in this instance it becomes the Slieve Bloom Imbolc Goat for 2019.

Imbolc Goat 2019?

Does your nanny goat have what it takes to be crowned Slieve Bloom Imbolc Goat 2019? If you have a milking goat and would like to participate, the Slieve Bloom Association would love to hear from you. You can contact the Association at or call 085 737 6745

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